Bright Legacy Music is currently based in NE Ohio and acts as a small indie promotional house for an eclectic group of music and artistic projects based in the Ohio Pa valley.

Whether your venue requires soothing background dinner music or center stage entertainment Carolyn Longo is a guitarist, singer/songwriter with  a set list to  cover it.  

She employs guitar looping technology on the fly to include an exciting improvisational edge to her performances that gives the sound of multiple guitars.   Solo performances also include backing tracks where appropriate to give the sound of a small jazz combo or  full rock band.  Original songs span various styles including pop rock, blues, smooth jazz, and celtic. 

In addition to performing solo, Carolyn has been performing in various ensembles since the early 1990s.  She most recently was lead guitarist for the band 2B40 and can be heard on their CD “Thursdays” released Feb 2012.

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“Thursday’s” features the original songwriting of Eddie St. Clair.  The graphic artwork on the  Thursdays CD project was done by Carolyn Longo.

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